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   FRONTENAC its :  

  • Second generation family business
  • Nearly 40 years of expertise in the manufacturing field
  • More than 85 employees & hundreds of business partners around the world
  • 2 manufacturing plants with a total area of 300,000 sq. ft
  • 40 production lines to satisfy our 3 departments:
    • Bag production
    • Flexographic printing
    • Paper conversion (Sheeting and rewinding)
  • Approximately 4 million bags manufactured per day
  • Around 6,000 tons of paper converted each year
  • HACCP certified
FRONTENAC is also about, Putting the environment at the heart of our priorities :
  • Our forklift fleet is fully electric
  • One of the largest solar panels in North America to power our energy needs.
  • Circular economy: We recycle and repulp 100% of our waste paper
  • We ensure that our products comply with environmental standards.
  • Electric charging stations for employee vehicles

We are determined to satisfy a constantly evolving market and an unprecedented demand for paper packaging products.

Our catalogs

Paper bags
Refer to our catalog for the specifications of our paper bags.

SOS paper bags / Notion paper bags – Flat & Satchel paper bags / Twisted handles paper bags / Flat handles paper bags / Grocery paper bags / Pharmacy paper bags / Bakery paper bags

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Commercial, industrial and e-commerce packaging products

Check out our catalog for specifications on our commercial, industrial & e-commerce packaging product line.

Counter rolls : Brown KRAFT (#30 #40 #50 #60 #100) & WHITE (#30 #40) / Newsprint paper /
Sheets : Newsprint / KRAFT paper (#30 #40 #50 #60 #100) / Linerboard (#26 #33 #42 #56 #69)
Conversion paper

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Food packaging products

Browse our catalog for specifications of our food packaging products.

Rolls: Butchery paper / Freezer paper
Sheets: Scale paper / Dry wax paper / Greaseproof Checkered paper / Steak paper

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TAKE-OUT BOX (available soon)
Take a look at our catalog for specifications on our line of take-out boxes.

Chinese food Box / Meal Box / Cardboard Tray / Burger Box

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