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Frontenac IT’S

A family business
of 2nd generation
Nearly 40 years of expertise in
in the manufacturing field
More than 85 employees & hundreds of
business partners around the world
6000 tons of paper
converted each year
2 plants with a total surface area of
of 300,000 square feet
40 production
Approximately 4 million bags
manufactured per day
Paper conversion
(Sheeting and rewinding)

Frontenac is also about having the environment
at the heart of our priorities

Our forklift fleet is 100% electric
One of the largest solar panels in North America to power our energy needs
Electric charging stations for employee vehicles
We make sure that our products are comply with environmental standards
Circular economy: 100% of waste paper is recycled and repulped

Our catalogs

Paper bags
Refer to our catalog for the specifications of our paper bags.

SOS paper bags / Notion paper bags – Flat & Satchel paper bags / Twisted handles paper bags / Flat handles paper bags / Grocery paper bags / Pharmacy paper bags / Bakery paper bags

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Commercial, industrial and e-commerce packaging products

Check out our catalog for specifications on our commercial, industrial & e-commerce packaging product line.

Counter rolls : Brown KRAFT (#30 #40 #50 #60 #100) & WHITE (#30 #40) / Newsprint paper /
Sheets : Newsprint / KRAFT paper (#30 #40 #50 #60 #100) / Linerboard (#26 #33 #42 #56 #69)
Conversion paper

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Food packaging products

Browse our catalog for specifications of our food packaging products.

Rolls: Butchery paper / Freezer paper
Sheets: Scale paper / Dry wax paper / Greaseproof Checkered paper / Steak paper

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Take out food containers, trays, paper staws

Take a look at our new products line EKOPAK for all products details.

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